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Updated: Jul 8, 2018

In search of explanations for...

Omigosh, how did I not connect the dots between Soundpainting and healing, until this winter, when Denny McGinn and I drove up to University of North Dakota to attend "Love Your Horn Day" hosted by Gwen Hoberg. Jeff Agrell was the guest clinician, and he led the assembled hornists through the basics of this marvelous music-creationism thing

“The art of live composition...The Soundpainter composes in real time utilizing the gestures to create the composition in any way they desire"

The website for Soundpainting is HERE

Vanessa Cornett and I often threaten to perform again as our duo, Suite 2th. We were attending a conference on "music and healing," musing over the rather unusual demographic of participants. Where we two arrived with the expectations of sitting for scholarly presentations, many others arrived with capes, feathers, and vague notions of blessing food by means of laying on of hands. Gads, the two of us often exclaim, but we could write a book about so many unexpected experiences like this!

So many books, so little time. Or is it so little interest in reading within the same old trope of "scholarly inquiry into ____"?



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