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Mary Lou Williams.

Musicians of the Swing Sisterhood Big Band, and a chorus of wonderful vocalists, performed a new setting of Music for Peace by the great jazz composer and pianist Mary Lou Williams.  Composers Laura Caviani and Kari Musil created stunning new arrangements (and also an original tune by Kari) of a work that has become known as "Mary Lou's Mass."


Loft Literary Center - Pitch Conference


I learned a great deal here at this two-day conference about pitching my book. Great to meet other authors hopeful of making that "perfect pitch" to an agent. Not sure the right agents were on site for the many "mature women" seeking representation for the wisdom we offer through our biographies and memoirs.  I kept hearing in my head that tune I'm Beginning to See the Light...but with a very different interpretation (and lyrics)


Someone Noticed! 


A colleague nominated me to receive the Pauline Lambert Advocacy Award. It recognizes a St. Thomas woman who has taken initiative in challenging problems that exist around gender issues on the St. Thomas campus.  The recipients will have identified a gender-related problem on campus and worked toward rectifying it.


Muncie or Bust!

An all-woman horn ensemble from the Twin Cities Horn Club will perform at the International Horn Society conference.  Tami Wood and I dreamed up the idea, I sent in a proposal, and it was accepted!  We'll play three new compositions that the Twin Cities Horn Club premiered last August.  We are raising funds for the travel and registration fees at this Kickstarter campaign site HERE


A Big Break

Beginning this September, I'm taking a year's sabbatical leave. 


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