SOUL SINGING: SONGS OF A WOUNDED PRINCESS celebrates the healing power of resilience and unconditional love, in a story of becoming whole  through music.

I see Life as a giant roadmap of time. A person's Lifemap chronicles various routes, destinations, detours and roadblocks, traveling companions, and roads less traveled. Whole stories grounded in the time of a place, mapping the past, present, and future.

My life's road map shows stories of "what happened next." From a very young age, Music was my steady navigator, ably weaving detours around roadblocks, changing the course of my life. Ever beckoning me to follow pathways away from dead ends of despair, Music's abundant resources restored my creative soul along the way.  The musical journey has enabled me to thrive beyond the map of my past.

Nearly every chapter in this book pinpoints a musical moment pivotal to transcending a disastrous roadblock.  Check out the list of tunes on this site - I'll do my best to update and add (when copyright allows) favorite recordings. 

I haven't survived on music alone. A great many people have loved me, fiercely and steadfastly, into health. Foremost among these is David, my beloved spouse of thirty-five years. The pulse of his jazzy soul drummed into my life precisely upon a life-or-death threshold. Many a music teacher, friend, colleague, and student have traveled along similarly rugged life maps, and the process of swapping rounds and stories helped us beat the odds. They are a formidable army of allies . 

Richly rewarding tropes about endurance, renewal, and redemption are the themes of this memoir. How I responded when I was hurt; how I absorbed and converted the effects of those wounds; what I drew from the abundant resources of nature, music, and unconditional love - these comprise the essential details of this my narrative of becoming whole. The resonant sense of mental and emotional well-being has created a symphony of joy.


Through this memoir, I have come to understand my relationship not only to my own suffering but also to the sufferings of others.  All of it - and all of us - are seekers traveling a shared journey toward wholeness.  


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