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Published Chapters and Essays

Stories of Musicians

"Rockin' it Local:  All-Female Rock Bands in the Twin Cities"  Co-authored with Sarah Minette

Women's Bands in America, Performing Music and Gender, Edited by Jill Sullivan 

Rowman & Littlefield 2017

"Musician, Heal Thyself!'"  

Notes of Hope:  Stories By Musicians Coping With Injuries,

Compiled by David Vining

Mountain Peak Music, 2016

"Hearing the Other in the 'Masque of Blackness'"  

Blackness in Opera,

Edited by Naome Andre, Karen Bryan, and Eric Saylor

University of Illinois 2012

"Harriett Gibbs Marshall and Three Musical Spectacles'"  

Black Women and Music, More Than the Blues,

Edited by Eileen M. Hayes and Linda F. Williams

University of Illinois 2007

"Female Brass Players Address Gender Parity, Equity, and Sexual Harassment: Preliminary Data from the Brass Bodies Study" Co-authored with Patricia Maddox

Societies, vol. 9/1

(March 2019)  LINK

societies cover.png

"Dirty Love:  Frank Zappa and the Antithetical Love Song"

Rock Music Studies, vol. 5/1

(January 2018)  LINK

"Shaping Uplift Through Music."

Black Music Research Journal, vol. 28/2 (Fall 2008) LINK


"Debuting Her Political Voice:  The Lost Opera of Shirley Graham Du Bois"​


Black Music Research Journal, vol. 26/1  (Spring 2006) LINK

"Working After Breast Cancer Treatments: Lessons From Musicians" *

Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Vol 27/4  LINK

"Livelihood vs. Life:  The Occupational Well-Being of Women Musician Survivors of Breast Cancer" *

Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Vol 27/1  LINK

*Co-authored with Jean Giebenhain, Charles Gessert, Lisa Starr

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