I am a musician, musicologist, teacher, and author living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

This site features my author platform. I have photos of myself as a hornist, but no action shots of my work as an author. That would be rather boring, unless perhaps I were sporting a fetching writing jacket and pipe, posing to appear thoughtfully "author-like." Photos of my work at writing would show my frowning face at the computer screen as I write; blank stares; procrastinating at the coffee shop. Or perhaps I should post snapshots of archival stacks I've visited (I have a cool visitor's library card from an archive in St. Petersburg, Russia...more on that in the book)

Never ever did I see myself as an author. For a long time, I didn't see myself as living to see age 25. So I guess that means just about anything can happen.

With this website, I celebrate writing about music in my own life. The list of my publications show that I have been telling stories of other musicians. On stage, in the classroom, and in my research, I have shared discoveries about musicians who figured out how to get around the roadblocks in their lives. From Shirley Graham to Harriett Marshall and Frank Zappa; from all-female rock bands to women musicians treated for breast cancer, all of them clung fiercely to their musical convictions.  Now it is time I apply my musicologist's tools to explain why and how I am a musician. How I not only reached age 25 but continued on, is the narrative of my singing soul.

When I launched my research into understanding women musicians with breast cancer, I was seeking others like myself.  Now once again, I have cast my net in search of others who understand, who have survived, and who who have experienced music's power to build resilience, healing, and redemption.  

I Know You Are Out There.  

 You, too, hear the music as I do.  

We are the MANY, not the few.  

May our songs be heard, shared, cherished.


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